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>>March 2006
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P.A. Equipment for Sale in Birmingham


Top quality p.a. equipment for sale second hand. Amplifiers, 1200W RMS upwards. Top brands Amcron Crown Microtech 1200, Mackie etc. Also top quality speakers, 1500W bass bins, RCF Art 300's available, mixing desks, Microphones, Leads etc. Gear is in Lichfield in the Birmingham area. It's top quality gear, including Electrovoice EV SX300 for sale.

One Marshall 300 Watt 4*12 cab also

Shure SM58's £50 and loads of other microphones available, AKG C1000S etc.

Sorry, all this stuff has now been sold :-( Try here instead:


Okay, I finally put together a proper schedule of the PA equipment I have for sale:

Item for Sale


RMS / PEAK Power



Mackie SR24:4 VLZ

Compact, robust live desk with 24 channels and 4 sub groups. These are £800+ new and worth every penny.



Flight case

For Mackie Desk (£100+ new)

Quite worn but does its job!




16 channel mixing desk nice portable desk in flight case.



Behringer Multigate

Rack of four gates, necessary for good drum miking. Excellent condition.


Behringer Multicom

Rack of four compressors / limiters, necessary for good vocals and useful for drums & bass too. Excellent condition


Behringer Pro Effects

Multi-effects in rack, reverb etc.

Excellent condition


Lightweight 8U Rack Mount for effects

Virtually as new, with 4 gang power lead.


Patch Leads

Various to connect effects to desk & various other useful leads and adapters (around £100 worth of leads new)

-no charge if p.a. bought


24:4 multicore

Plenty long enough!

Needed in order to locate desk at rear of hall.


Main P.A.

Fane scoop bass bins

One pair large bass bins with Beyma G-550 drivers.

Enough power to blow your head off.

This price is nowhere near what you would pay new.

750W / 3000W each (times 2)


Mackie 1400W amp

Ideally matched for bass bins

1400W / 5600W


Eminence 600W bass bins

In Carlsboro headline cabinets

600W / 2400W

(times 2)


1 Pair Carlsboro 300W mid / tops

10 plus compression driver, 300W RMS each

300W / 1200W

(times 2)


Electrovoice SX300 speakers

1 pair 300W RMS mid / tops

Good condition

300W / 1200W each (times 2)


Amcron microtech 1200 amp

Industry standard workhorse

Reputed to keep going forever!

To power mid / tops.

Capable of powering two pairs of mid / tops if wanted.

1300W / 5200W


Speaker Leads

Everything needed about £200 worth, all heavy duty, top quality with genuine neutrik speakon connectors.

Included with p.a.



Set of four EV SX300 copies

Chinese copies of the EV SX300. 300W RMS, lightweight and portable. Not such good clarity as the genuine EV speakers but not bad and a cost-effective but powerful solution for monitors.

300W / 1200W each (times 4)


Amcron microtech 1200 amp

As above this one for powering monitors. Would allow 2 separate monitor mixes.

1300W / 5200W



Microphones full live set in hard case

Senheiser E602 kick drum - £80

Autio Technica MB4000C condenser mike £45

AKG C1000S condenser mike £60

Four Shure SM57's (ex cond) - £170

one old SM57 - £25

Two Shure SM58's (ex cond) - £90

Two shure SM58's (one good one poor) £65

Two Audio Technica drum mikes £50

Two cheap drum mikes (handy, ex. cond.) £35


Microphone padded flight case

Worth around £50 new. I will include free with microphones


Microphone stands

About 15 stands, various sizes, mostly Stagg stands in v good condition


Microphone leads

20 of (these are quality low-noise leads with genuine neutrik connectors would cost £10-15 each new)


Mic Clips


-no charge

4-way d.i. box

For sending keyboards etc. down the multicore.

Well used but fully working.


2 single d.i. boxes






Additional Items

RCF Art 300

Optional extra pair of mid / tops for more power


Speaker Stands

For use with Art 300 or


DJ Console

Dual Pro CD players in flight case with DJ mixer


Marshall Lead 1960's guitar cab

Nice 300W (high power) 4x12 guitar cab

Sounds great immensely loud

Cloth faded and Marshall badge missing


To buy all or part, please telephone Rob





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